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Well here we are, right at the beginning of our musical adventure. If you are in a band and you submit music to blogs or you are on the lookout for record labels accepting demos then bookmark our page and subscribe. We are looking for new underground music and we are keen to hear anything with a bit of color, any obscure sound.  Don’t ever think that your music isn’t good enough, or isn’t of a high enough sound quality. Let us be the judge of that. We are interested in great songs regardless of where and how they were recorded.

Lee listening to demos.

We recently created our Facebook page and invited artists and bands to start sending us their demo recordings. All kinds of new indie music has been coming our way. With a huge amount of submissions already we have been absolutely gob-smacked by the variety of sounds, talent and enthusiasm. It’s been very exciting (and exhausting). We are planning to release our first compilation album featuring the most interesting of these submissions within the next few months. Check out some of these submissions as we post them directly to our Facebook page.

We will of course be posting all sorts of music news to our blog. Ideas for indie music promotion, links to other top music blogs and the best music websites, interviews, recommendations and anything music related that you can think of.

If you have an idea for a blog post or have an interesting story to tell then please get in touch with us. If you are recording music at home, on the road or in a studio then we would love to hear it. Don’t forget most importantly that we are building a community of like minded music lovers, so please give our Facebook page a like too.Submit your demos HERE

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