Merseyside Muso Joe Abraham

Joe Abraham from Merseyside UK is a singer/songwriter who makes clever urban folk songs. Music Hoarders United spoke to Joe about … well .. about stuff ….

Did you grow up around music? What sort of music was played in your house as a kid?

The house always had a wide range of music on when I was a kid, my mum and dad grew up in the 90s so bands from that era, like The Stone Roses & The La’s were on heavy rotation. Pink Floyd and Roger Waters was always a constant in the house too. Also the music that my parents were raised on shone through, The Beatles, Stones, Small Faces. Even from an early age I was always trying to discover new bands and artists whether that be old or new, so I think the music I was brought up around definitely supported me to go and find my own favourites.

Do you think that has influenced your own sound and style much?

Definitely yeah! Although my songs are more down the folky, bluesy road, the bands I’ve been listening to all my life are some of my heroes and the reason I’m so passionate about music so I cant say they haven’t influenced me.

You are from the Liverpool area. Has it been hard to escape from Liverpool’s history of music? Do you find it easy to just do your own thing without people having expectations about how you should sound etc?

Merseyside is an area rich in music history, so I don’t see why every band from the area wouldn’t embrace this. There’s always been a good music scene in the area with all different genres so there’s no real expectation of what you should sound like.

What is your own musical history? When did you start writing songs and have you been in other bands or worked on other musical projects?

I’ve had a guitar since I can remember; I’ve definitely always been drawn to playing music. But it wasn’t until I was 12/13 that I actually stuck to it. I started writing my own songs pretty much as soon as I could string a few chords together, I’ve never been one for learning a long list of covers to show off with, music’s a personal thing.

I’ve been in a couple of bands and involved with other projects. I’ve also recently joined a band on bass, but that is still early days.

Your song ‘I didn’t realise’ appears on the new Music Hoarders United CD – Sounds Rebound Vol. 1. It’s a very crisp and clean sounding recording. Did you pay a lot of money in a big studio to achieve that? What can you say about how it was recorded?

No not a tall, it was recorded at Scratch Studios in Liverpool. It’s a boss little studio. In terms of how it was recorded, Everything was recorded separately which was a bit weird at first as I had been used to live takes.

Your music is very raw, it’s just you and an acoustic guitar. There is nothing to hide behind. You are obviously very talented but you must also have great confidence in your ability. Where does that confidence come from?

It’s less about confidence and more about me putting everything I have into each performance. I think a live performance should be raw and full of energy.

What do you enjoy the most? Song writing, recording or performing live?

I wouldn’t be doing music if I didn’t love it, so I enjoy them all, but playing live is definitely my favourite out of the three.

How does a live performance feel for you? What do you get from it that keeps you wanting to do more?

When I go through a day without picking up the guitar or writing something I feel like I’m missing something. Some people play video games, some people are into going the gym, and I’m into music.

Do you currently have any music available anywhere?

Yeah! Check out my Facebook or, here are some more of my songs on Soundcloud …

What artists are you currently listening to?

Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Suzi Wu, Jade Bird.

Joe will be launching the Music Hoarders United ‘Sounds Rebound’ CD at
the Zanzibar on the 12th January and he’s got a couple of other gigs penciled in for early 2019.
He is planning to release an EP sometime in 2019, probably towards the end of the summer. and he’ll be gigging as much possible. Be sure to hit the like button on his Facebook page to stay up to date.

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