Perth’s best kept secret! Songsmith DL Taylor

Eclectic Perth solo artist DL Taylor has featured on two of Music Hoarders United’s recent releases. The ascerbic, satirical protest song ‘The Winner is!’ was the first song out of the blocks on the Mystery Music Box Sampler EP and the relaxed pop perfection of ‘Golden Ticket’ is the second song on the soon to be released Music Hoarders United – Sounds Rebound Vol 1. CD. Both songs also appear on the latest DL Taylor EP “LIKE STATIC” which is available for streaming and download on Spotify, Apple music etc.

DL Taylor “Golden Ticket”

We took some time to catch up with DL Taylor to ask him about his musical path and how he feels about his involvement with Music Hoarders United. Here’s what he had to say:

My musical enlightenment began at the age of 16 in Manchester, England. Being from Manchester there are really only two pastimes, music or football. Eventually my personal obsession became music and more specifically, songwriting.  The people who have influenced me are too varied to mention all of them but, I suppose, Lennon and Mcartney, Bowie, Beck, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Dylan.. a few that can give you a picture. Primarily I’m listening out for a melody that grabs me and a strong lyric to back it up. Something that speaks to me, and I guess that when I write I’m always comparing my own songs against the classics. I’d say I’m a student of songwriting!

Island Records gave us some money to record at Rockfield Studios

My first band out of Manchester basically started as most do, with my mates at school. We were all into the same music and were keen to get out on the road and play our own tunes. This led to various managers and record company interest. Island Records gave us some money to record at Rockfield in Wales where Queen recorded Bohemian Rhapsody. We played support to some big bands of the time and ended up winning a Warner/N.M.E competition to find the best unsigned band and songwriters in the UK. This led to us being managed by the tour manager for The Stone Roses who were Gods in our town. We basically thought we had ‘made it’ before we actually had! Never a good thing. It all dissolved in the usual Spinal Tap way. Luckily I found the girl of my dreams and we ended up getting married and moved to Australia. We now have 3 beautiful daughters and live on the edge of the bush in the Perth Hills, where it feels to me more like the true Australia; kangaroos ‘n’ parrots ‘n’ stuff!

DL Taylors home studio

The world famous studios have long since gone so I now record out of my tin shed which I’ve converted into a makeshift Abbey Road. Same ethos, just none of the equipment! Here I write play and record everything in house. Being in my 40s now, there are no time constraints and I don’t set myself any stylistic boundaries. I write what feels natural, dependent on my mood at the time. I’ll write about the day today problems we all have or sometimes tackle bigger issues such as the horrors faced in war torn countries like Syria (The Winner Is!) I’m conscious that most people want to hear a great hook/melody or a decent groove before they’ll pay any attention to the lyrics. I try to write for the listener to some degree and try not to be too self absorbed!

DL Taylor portrait

Being picked up Music Hoarders United has been a great boon for me. Their musical ethos is very similar to my own and their hard work has paved the way for my music to be heard again for which I’m very thankful. Having met many record company execs and A and R stooges over the years, it’s rare to find anyone with a genuine interest in music and for those on the shop floor who are making it. So thanks MHU! Power to the people. Right on!

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