Colds & Overcoats, Adelaide’s 17 year old songstress

Liv Hawkins is “Colds & Overcoats”. She is Adelaide’s 17 year old prolific songstress. Her dark but beautiful acoustic track ‘I May Not Be The Most ….’ features on the Music Hoarders United CD ‘Sounds Rebound Vol. 1.’

You are 17, you write, sing and play the ukulele. You have already recorded a couple of albums worth of songs. When did you first become seriously interested in music?

I first became really interested when i started going to local shows and seeing how successful they were, and something inside me just wanted to do something like that. To make music that people will sing along to and love has always been a dream of mine.

Do you come from a musical family?

I was always the black sheep of the family. My sister could sing really well and I think when I started to get into music everybody was like “oh why doesn’t she do it she’s really good” you know. I felt kind of invalidated but it’s not going to make me give up.

What does your Mum think about your music and what you are doing?

She seems really proud of me. I played her a couple of my songs and she came out to see a few of my shows and she cried without fail. It feels good to think that I’m making her proud.

You are a solo artist. Are you loner in general?  Do you have any desire to be in a band or do you like being out there on your own?

I am quite a loner but I’ve always wanted to be in a band. Even before I became a solo artist I would put out ads for instrumentalists, but no luck and then one day I was just like “why not start my own band by myself”.

What is your process when writing a song?

When writing a song my process is usually to come up with pretty sounding chords or a cool lick or something and go from there. I always have the instrumental completely mapped out before I attempt lyrics, but if a couple of words pop into my head I’ll write them down for later use.

Do you work on new songs all the time? Does music consume your life?

I write at least one new song every week, sometimes more. Music does consume my life but it’s something I love and I’m okay with that.

Who are your music heroes? What do you like about them?

John Floreani from bands Trophy Eyes and Little Brother. What i like about him is that he captures pure emotional honesty in his songs. He knows he’s a bad person and has made a lot of mistakes, but I feel he’s at least trying to be better and that’s all anyone can ask for.

Do you see yourself being a professional musician long term, or do you plan on having a ‘normal’ career of some sort?

I’d love to be a long term professional musician if given the chance. Performing and writing songs are something I love and I can’t really see myself doing anything else.

What do you think or feel when someone tells you they love one of your songs?

Overwhelmingly happy. Like “wow this person actually thinks I’m good maybe there’s hope that more people will”.

Your music is very accessible. Have you found it easy to find an audience who like what you are doing?

I have found it quite easy although I think I’m very limited to people based in Adelaide, and I’m not sure how to spread that out across the world which is something i would love to do.

For a young women ,what has your experience been of the Adelaide music scene so far?

The local music scene is amazing. Everyone is so friendly and nice. I mostly feel super welcome, although a lot of venues do exclude underage performers and even acoustic performers because they don’t bring in as many people as the bigger bands (which is understandable). Instead of having the same 6 bands every week I think they should give lesser known musicians a chance as well.

So you are technically still under age; have you personally found it hard to find venues who will let you play?

I have found it hard as most of the venues are pubs. A few places don’t mind too much which is nice but lately I’ve been struggling to find a venue to play at, especially because everywhere is booked out over summer.

Have you played anywhere outside of Adelaide yet?

I haven’t played anywhere outside of Adelaide yet but I would love to. It would be an absolute dream.

What are you working on right now?

I’m working on a few things here and there and writing a few songs to release sometime next year!

Do you like to make plans, or do you just let things evolve on their own? Do you know what you want to achieve in 2019?

I let things evolve on their own, though it is handy to make plans. In 2019, I want to expand my audience to outside of Adelaide. I’d love to play an interstate show and hopefully gain more confidence and stage presence.

To check out Colds & Overcoats back catalog of recordings you can go HERE.

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