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Franc Lee’s song ‘Brian Eno 48 Days’ features on the upcoming Music Hoarders United various artists CD ‘Sounds Rebound Vol. 1. It’s a quirky light hearted bit of new indie music which will get trapped in your head for days. We asked Franc to talk to us about his music and why he does what he does. Check out the song and what he had to say:

Over the past three decades I have been in numerous bands and released quite a bit of cool Brisbane music. I always worked collaboratively on those projects and was always listed under my real name as one of the writers and performers. Those projects were almost exclusively electronic music and this time around I wanted to do things differently. I wanted to do something that was all mine. So I invented a new persona and started working in a genre that was out of my comfort zone – guitar based Art Rock, Indie Pop. I have been writing all the songs by myself and am playing all the instruments except drums. I would have liked to have a go at the drums too, but it would require a bigger studio space and more equipment than I have, so I have to compromise on that point and get someone else to do it. I always work best in my own space and time and so am recording and mixing the songs at home alone. The drums are being recorded in Italy and some in USA and then I just add them to my mix. I almost have a full album complete.

Last year I released an EP of 3 songs on CD-R through a very small label that is now defunct. There are still a few copies left and Music Hoarders United is selling those on Bandcamp. You can have a look here:

I released the EP as a way to gauge whether or not it was even worth releasing an album. There was some genuine interest so I looked around for a while trying to find a more suitable label but it was really disheartening. Most of the labels were really small and had no idea what they were doing. They were enthusiastic but when I asked about a marketing plan etc they just had no clue or desire to think about that stuff. The bigger labels that liked my music were more organized but they had requirements I was unable to meet. At 50 I am considered too old (hey, isn’t that one of those examples of age discrimination in the workplace ?), and I am also unable to tour. So they weren’t keen. So like many unknown artists I have a great bunch of songs that I  don’t know what to do with.

I create music because it brings me immense joy to do so

At this stage of my life I feel that you need to find what makes you happy and just do it. I get into a creative zone and the rest of the world and its problems just disappear. If anyone else finds enjoyment in my music then it a beautiful thing and I feel very grateful. It would be nice to earn some money from it but in today’s climate of Spotify it’s difficult. I do feel that the tide is turning a little though and there is a trend developing to actually own music as a physical item again. Vinyl has been making its comeback for quite awhile but cassettes and CDs are starting to appear too. For me personally I don’t listen to any streaming services or Mp3s because a big part of enjoying music is holding the cover in my hands and reading the linear notes. I do appreciate that the world has evolved since I was a young man and digital music is the way most people enjoy listening right now. So I guess if you want some Franc Lee there will be downloads available, somewhere, somehow.

Anyway, so Music Hoarders United has included my song ‘BrianEno 48 Days on their various artists CD. They also included another song of mine called ‘Maya Was A Liar’ on their December 2018 Mystery Music Box EP which you can download for free HERE. And who doesn’t love free indie music! I do hope to release my album one way or another in 2019 and I would be over the moon if people take the time to have a listen.

You can follow Franc Lee on Facebook HERE
and you can check out the upcoming MHU Various artists CD ‘Sounds Rebound Vol. 1″ HERE.

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